Spooky Spiders @ the Center Oliver Library

K-6th grade students created a web of spider facts in October. Spiders don’t win popularity contests, but students now realize the importance of spiders. Spiders help control insects and are vital for plant protection. So the next time you see a spider, don’t kill it! Note: a spider is usually harmless. STOP and take time to look at the fascinating creature. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some may perform daring acrobatic feats on their silky webs. Students studied the spider’s basic body parts. In conclusion they used Model Magic to create a scary or silly spider of their very own @ the Center Oliver Library.

*Photos*Center-Stanton Kindergarten students: Abel Rude, Laramie Staigle, Finley Tietz, and Monica Schwab all enjoyed creating and playing with their own spiders.

A huge thank you to Dawn Alderin for her book donations this month!  Thank you, Dawn!