Families of 7th - 12th grade students,


Hope all is going well! We would like to take time to communicate a change to our intervention time. We recognize that we have a lot of students that are working hard, being responsible, and taking care of business at school. Due to this we have implemented an incentive so that on Fridays students who have no missing assignments according to powerschool and have 85% or higher in all their classes can leave school at 3:03 during WAT (Wildcat Advisory Time). Students must check in with their WAT teacher and sign out in the office. Students who use bus transportation must remain in their WAT groups. Students who have their own transportation are required to leave school grounds for the remainder of the school day. This new incentive will begin October 29th. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Mr. Mondry. 


Mr. Andrew Mondry


Center-Stanton High School 

PO Box 248

Center, ND  58530

Phone: 701-794-8778

Fax: 701-794-3659