College Trigonometry

Dual Credit College Trigonometry –

Grade 12 (second semester)

1/2 semester credit CSHS, 2 semester credits BSC

Prerequisite: Successful completion of College Algebra, consent of CSHS administration, and completion of appropriate BSC paperwork if taking for college credit also.

This is a (one semester) dual credit class offered jointly through Center-Stanton High School and Bismarck State College that is NO longer taught on-site at CSHS.  Availability of the class is dependent on number of students interested and scheduling availability.  Students who choose the dual credit option are able to earn 1/2 high school semester credit and 2 college semester credits.  Students taking the dual credit option are responsible for all fees incurred.  These fees include book rental or purchase fees, and current BSC tuition and enrollment fees

Topics in this course include functions of the general angle, right triangle trigonometry, radian and degree measure, graphs of trigonometric functions and their inverse functions, trigonometric identities, equations, and applications of trigonometry.

**Note:  As of fall 2017, Mrs. Schwalk is not teaching the dual credit college courses.