College Algebra

Dual Credit College Algebra

Grade 12 (First semester)

1/2 semester credit CSHS,  4  semester credits BSC or DCB

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra I and Algebra 2 with a “B” average or higher, and meet all requirements of the higher education institution awarding college credit. Successful completion of Geometry also strongly recommended. Students must have an overall high school GPA of at least 3.0 to enroll in the dual credit program.  In addition, students must have a qualifying placement score* from either the ACT or comparable test such as COMPASS test at BSC.  (*Contact CSHS principal for current score guidelines.)  Availability of the class is dependent on number of students interested and scheduling availability.

This is a (one semester) dual credit class offered jointly through Center-Stanton High School and Bismarck State College or Dakota College Bottineau that is NO longer taught on-site at CSHS.  Students who choose the dual credit option are responsible for all fees incurred.  These fees include book rental or purchase fees, and current college tuition and enrollment fees.

Topics covered include:  Solutions of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, graphing functions and relations, polynomial and rational functions, systems of equations/inequalities, and exponential and logarithmic functions.

**Note:  As of fall 2017, Mrs. Schwalk is not teaching the dual credit college courses.