Advanced Math

Advanced Math – Grades 11-12

1 Credit (1/2 credit per semester)

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of at least Algebra II, Geometry is highly recommended, and possess strong algebraic skills.

This class is a continuation of Algebra II while implementing various geometric topics.  Students will take a deeper look at trigonometry  and continued exploration of probability and statistics.  Additional topics include continued and advanced techniques in graphing, problem solving, logarithms, complex fractions, imaginary numbers, radicals, and exponents to name just a few.

This course may be a good fit for a student who did well in Algebra II – but does not feel ready for dual credit College Algebra and / or does not meet the College Algebra admittance requirements.  Availability of this class offering is dependent upon number of students interested and scheduling possibility.  Please contact principal or classroom teacher if interested in taking this class.  This class is being offered during 2018-19 school year.